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Language practice turns into tongue practice

My BF Gay - Language practice turns into tongue practice - Language practice turns into tongue practice

Her boyfriend asked her to help him brush up his English, and she agreed. After all, she chose him not for his multilingual abilities. He was a total hottie though, and a real stud in bed. Anyway, she had been helping him for a while and then something else came up. She asked her friend to help the boyfriend, and he agreed. She left, and when she came back, she saw her dear bf fucking her friend in the ass! What a double betrayal – and that must be why the bf hadn't been sleeping with her recently, that gay fuck!

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Promoter promoted to a gay cock whore

Game For Gay - Promoter promoted to a gay cock whore - Promoter promoted to a gay cock whore

The first task for our sweetheart here, and already quite a challenging one. Hooking up with a street promoter? Why not, as long as it's straight and it's fun to watch, right? Oh did he do a good job! Not only he found an absolute cutie, he also came up with a great story. Let's go to my place, I got these flyers I needed handed out, and I'll pay double, that's what he said! At home, it was only a matter of minutes before hot drinks and a massage for a tired back evolved into getting intimate for him – and then getting fucked! Confused, he still enjoyed it!

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Getting sausage from the pizza boy

Game For Gay - Getting sausage from the pizza boy - Getting sausage from the pizza boy

Getting it on with a pizza delivery guy, this is classic porn stuff. Our guy here puts a whole different spin to this thing though. He got an assignment to get it on with a random pizza guy. Being a good-looking bottom that he was, he chose a pizza place with the naughtiest sounding name hoping that a hot badass stud would work there. Bingo! The guy came and our dude sweet-talked him into some TV and pizza. Soon he was admiring his tats, and soon the straight pizza boy had his big cock in our guy's bum! Wow!

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Waking up that lazy ass husband

My BF Gay - Waking up that lazy ass husband - Waking up that lazy ass husband

The guy was unemployed at that time so he would just stay in bed for half of the day. His wife hated it! One morning his friend came around because they had some plans and that lazy ass was still in bed. She left for work and told the friend to wake him up himself. That's just what he wanted! Watch him use his charms, some oral sex, and then offering his horny ass to the stud who actually felt pretty energetic after that. Well, right until the moment his wife came in, and it was a disaster all the way since then.

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Post-party boning with the bf

My BF Gay - Post-party boning with the bf - Post-party boning with the bf

It's hard to get up after a huge party, but finding out your boyfriend got fucked by his buddy who left for a sleepover is even tougher. Fucked in a quite literal meaning here! Watch as the couple wakes up after a rough night and the girl goes to get some beers. In another room, the bf's friend wakes up as well, and his hangover boner needs some action. Looks like the bf is ready! The wife wasn't ready though, seeing her man's sweet innocent ass getting fucked like this!

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Beefcake stud taken to the gay side

Gay Snare - Beefcake stud taken to the gay side - Beefcake stud taken to the gay side

She had this fantasy she just couldn't get rid of. It was a sunny day and it was time to act! The fantasy was watching a beefy macho get fucked like a gay slut. Quite a fantasy, right? Yet she had a perfect plan. Watch her talk to this big guy she met near the river and invite him over for, you know, some time in private. Of course he agreed. He also agreed to be blindfolded and have his chest caressed. By her gay friend, apparently! She watched him take good care of the unsuspecting hunk, then whip out his thing, and then… Well, turns out machos have a bit of gay inside them, too!

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A magical Christmas hookup

Gay Snare - A magical Christmas hookup - A magical Christmas hookup

Christmas can be boring sometimes, especially if you don't have any particular plans. This girl we have here, she was almost bored. At first she liked the guy who started talking to her at a downtown market. But then she thought he was a bit too full of himself. A lesson was in the works. She invited him over and a game of tease started. Blindfolded, he moaned as his cock was being sucked – by her, he thought. But not really! When he found out it was her friend, he protested, but hey, a boner is a boner. Watch him get fucked for the first time – ever!

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Gf doing chores, bf boning friend

My BF Gay - Gf doing chores, bf boning friend - Gf doing chores, bf boning friend

Her boyfriend brought his buddy around and his gf was too busy doing chores about the house to notice something was going on. Something really strange. She went to the bedroom to do some ironing and little did she know that her boyfriend and his so-called friend were topless and fooling around in the kitchen. They didn't stop there for sure. A lot of stuff happened before the girl came back, and when she did, her dear bf, the man she loved so much, was getting his ass fucked by his buddy. What a disgrace, and what a bummer for the boyfriend!

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A pre-party gone so very wrong

My BF Gay - A pre-party gone so very wrong - A pre-party gone so very wrong

She was about to go to a party at their friends, and of course her boyfriend was coming too. That was natural; what was a bit less natural is that he said they'd meet his best friend first and go for pre-drinks. The three met near the river and the guy asked the girl to rush to the shop for the drinks. She was nice enough to do so, but it all turned to be so wrong. She lost the guys for a while and when she came home she saw her boyfriend and his friend have sex! And her bf was getting fucked in his bottom!

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Giving the taxi driver a ride

Game For Gay - Giving the taxi driver a ride - Giving the taxi driver a ride

Not all taxi drivers are assholes – some are damn sexy assholes though. Seduce a taxi driver, that's what the card that our stud here pulled out said. Well, it has to be a tough one! He didn't want to wind up with some fat old fart either. Oh luck! There was this good-looking guy, no customers in sight and he's bored already. Our lad told the guy he wanted to move some stuff from his place and invited him to take a look – and then take the job. Smart, huh? As soon as they got inside, he said he wanted to check whether the guy was strong enough for moving, and it all was a steamy mess from then on. The guy took so much cock like a pro!

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