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A lucky find in the country

Granny Bet - A lucky find in the country - A lucky find in the country - A lucky find in the country

Jiri was visiting his friends in the country and on his way found a mobile phone. Curious, he browsed through the stuff in it and realized it belonged to a sweet-looking granny! With all the info inside the device it was easy to find her house. She was so happy to get the phone back that she started fooling around almost immediately! Watch Jiri do this wild village type and finally slide some cock into this hungry, yet well-groomed muff. The lost phone, a hardcore fuck, and a load of cum, not bad for one day!

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Unexpected ending for kink

My Wifes Mom - Unexpected ending for kink - Unexpected ending for kink - Unexpected ending for kink

The wife and hubby were up to something special. They were getting it on and then the wife cuffed him to the bed! Everything was just fine, and then bzzzz, doorbell. Her mother came, sniffed the air filled with fucking, and had a plan straight away. Watch her send the daughter away on some errand and grab her opportunity. The husband was trying to protest, but what could he do, cuffed? She used his meaty cock in every way she wanted and had his cum all over her crotch. Then the wife came and got so damn pissed!

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Affluent grannies can have more fun

Grandma Friends - Affluent grannies can have more fun - Affluent grannies can have more fun - Affluent grannies can have more fun

When you got money to burn, fun literally comes your way. This sexy granny here wanted some fun to pass away the night. So, she calls up this escort service. Send me two of your best studs, she yells. Well, did they not? Watch as the guys arrive, do their job and then go for some extra stuff. And hell, it's this extra stuff the granny was actually after. Lots of porking and nailing took place that night, and the granny was happy to take double helpings of cock. Well, this is what money can buy, as much cock as you can handle, and more!

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Raw sex after shopping

Granny Bet - Raw sex after shopping - Raw sex after shopping

Jiri faces the challenge nicely and breaks quite a couple of decency limits here. He set up a trap for the mom of one of his buddies. Just when she approaches the door with heavy shopping bags, he shows up and offers some help. She's divorced, so it's not that hard to get her juices flowing. In minutes she's already pulling his cock out. She's quite a whore, this fatty! Watch her rub the hard spike all over her buxom body. Her muff has been yearning for cock for years! She gets wilder with every second and enjoys a shower on her chubby stomach.

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Fun alone and together

My Wifes Mom - Fun alone and together - Fun alone and together

Hubby's mother-in-law was alone in the house and thought about having a shower. She did not expect anyone, so she was walking around naked, letting her body be caressed by the warm air. As she was enjoying the warm water, husband came. They bumped into each other, one naked, both confused. She did not waste the opportunity and acted sexy, making the hubby harder than wood with all the perverted nature of the situation. They had some earth-shattering sex, and then wife came, nearly tearing the place down in the rage!

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Grandma Friends Porno Gallery

Grandma Friends Picture Gallery

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Trick for a super-busty momma

Grandma Friends - Trick for a super-busty momma - Trick for a super-busty momma - Trick for a super-busty momma

No studio work was planned except for auditioning a mature lady for an ad shoot. The guys decided to play naughty. First it all looked serious, the ultra-busty older bitch showed up, they helped her go through the script and even poured a drink or two. Heat was building up as they started playing with her mammoth milkbags offering more money for a naked shot. Of course she agreed! The fat, horny, hungry slut took both the cocks in her starved mouth and her meaty, well-shaved muff. Watch her boobs jump all over the studio as she was mercilessly fucked – and thrown out without any contract!

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Interviewing a mature pornstar

Grandma Friends - Interviewing a mature pornstar - Interviewing a mature pornstar

The guys were doing a story on mature pornstars and found just the right person to interview. This fat older bitch clearly had a reputation in the biz, though she had recently quit. They warmed her up with some nice talk and drinks, and asked their questions. But then the obvious idea came, how they can make the story without the actual sex? Though she had quit, she did not at all mind them playing with her giant milking mounds and filming it. She handled their rods like a pro, taking them from every angle and enjoying a double facial.

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Artistic practice

Grandma Friends - Artistic practice - Artistic practice - Artistic practice

It's great the guys could find a model to practice their painting. Business was not going very good especially for the one who was actually a beginner. This older lady did not want much money so they decided to use her. Well, in every possible way! Watch them realize she was so hot and straightforward they could actually do her, not just draw her. A wild sex scene followed, they sandwiched the hungry lady like crazy, and in the end they painted her all over, first with their own cum and then with some paint. How creative!

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Fixing the machine, fucking the granny

Grandma Friends - Fixing the machine, fucking the granny - Fixing the machine, fucking the granny - Fixing the machine, fucking the granny

The urges were wild, and the granny wasn't thinking that getting someone to fix her washing machine is too obvious a pretext to hook up with hung younger men. The years have flown by, and what could she do! The guys come and deal with the device, and soon they have to deal with the old momma revealing her sizeable rack! That's her way of saying thanks, and they never minded eating some yummy cream from her yummy funbags. Soon, she was eating it from their cocks. Lots of wild fucking took place and soon the cream was of a different sort!

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