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Morning sex with her mom

My Wifes Mom - Morning sex with her mom - Morning sex with her mom

Nothing could indicate this day was any special. The stud was going through his morning bathroom routine and suddenly remembered about his porn stash. He got carried away a bit and did not hear his in-law come and see him jerking off. What a shame! She decided to take advantage of him, so he ended up humping the older super-busty bitch all over the place. Watch the ultra chubby momma take his fat shaft from every possible angle. She ate all his cream, and after that, the wife stormed in, what a scandal it was!

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Don’t prefer a rubber doll to her daughter

My Wifes Mom - Don't prefer a rubber doll to her daughter - Don't prefer a rubber doll to her daughter

With some old-timers, you just don't fuck about. Like with this sexy old lady who saw her daughter's husband doing something really naughty, something you don't want anyone else to know about. Well, this rubber doll was just too damn smooth and sexy. The wife's mom saw her in-law abuse the inflatable thing – and she wanted revenge! Watch as she uses the guilty dude for her very own sexual needs. Things got a bit out of hand, as you can see. And then whoa, the wife came. What she saw made her go apeshit, imagine what was the reaction to the first part of this insane story!

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Shower inspires sin with in-law

My Wifes Mom - Shower inspires sin with in-law - Shower inspires sin with in-law

Wife is out and the guy is busy watching the idiot box. The relaxation is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's his in-law, damn it! Asking whether she can shower at their place. You never argue with the old bitch, so the guy just lets her in. Fresh out of the shower, wrapped in a towel around her gems, she enters the room – and his pecker gets hard. She lights a cancer stick and gets even sexier. Next thing he knows, he has his fat shaft buried deep in his wife's mom! And yes, his better half came a bit later…

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Naughty birthday fun

My Wifes Mom - Naughty birthday fun - Naughty birthday fun

His mother-in-law was staying with her daughter's family, and as long as it was hubby's birthday, she did her best to cook a nice birthday cake for him. She brought it to the room and they both had a piece. Feeling horny, she decided to go further, decorated his cock with cream and ate it all! The hubby did not at all mind, enjoying the sexy present. One thing led to another and soon he was plowing the fat bitch with all his might. Her boobs were all over the place, and then the wife stormed in and turned the birthday into a scandal!

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Home party goes very very bad

My Wifes Mom - Home party goes very very bad - Home party goes very very bad

A dinner, some wine, and wife with her mother, nothing looked too bad. However, as the booze was being consumed, strange things started to happen. First, the wife got too drunk and went to the bedroom. Then, the guy goes to fetch the corkscrew, returns, and damn! The old in-law bitch is fully naked, emitting sex with every pore! The guy is lost for a while, but then his cock gives the right answer. The two keep fucking like rabbits until the wife comes back and throws the remaining wine all over the drunk sinful fuckers!

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A reward for some hard work

My Wifes Mom - A reward for some hard work - A reward for some hard work

It was the furniture moving day. The husband was not especially excited, yet he had to do it all. All of a sudden, he felt severe pain in his back. The wife rushed to the pharmacy while her mom got busy massaging the aching region. She must have got too close to the sexy areas! The two felt chemistry between them, and the fat bitch started eating his growing shaft. They got carried away and spent quite a while fucking like damn rabbits! Imagine what a scene it was when wife came back from the drugstore!

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A good replacement for wife

My Wifes Mom - A good replacement for wife - A good replacement for wife

The husband was sound asleep, but it was morning and his wife's mom was lurking around. Seeing him asleep and helpless, she decided to deliver a morning gift. Watch her head move up and down on his tool under the blanket as she sucks him off selflessly. The guy thought it was his wife! When he discovered it was his in-law, it was too late to stop. His day started with a full-fledged fuckfest with his mom in law! They kept fucking like crazy not leaving the bed, and then wife showed up and turned it all into scandalous hell – but it did not matter!

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Blackmailed into hot sex

My Wifes Mom - Blackmailed into hot sex - Blackmailed into hot sex

Just look at the sly in-law bitch, always putting her nose into the husband's affairs! Watch as she calls for him and starts going through his stuff when she realizes he's not around. Shit! She found the picture of that slut in his wallet. Now he's putty in her hands! She threatens to tell his wife and fucks him in every way she had always wanted. Just after he shoots his guilty load on her, wife crashes in. The old bag was not too shy to tell the story, naked, with his muck all over her! And now he was fucked.

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Paying for his sins

My Wifes Mom - Paying for his sins - Paying for his sins

Wife and her mother were watching the telly while husband was fucking about the house. The in-law heard some noise in her room and went to check it out. What do you think? The guy was stealing cash from her wallet! She was furious. He could not get away with it. A couple of threats, and there he is, following every order she makes. And you know this kind of orders! She was riding his fat meat like crazy when it was wife's turn to hear noises. She entered the room, and it was double trouble for the dude!

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Divorce that failed

My Wifes Mom - Divorce that failed - Divorce that failed

The guy was just about to pack his bag and finally leave his monstrous wife. He was almost through with his last bag when her mother came in. He always kinda liked her. With her experience, she could put out some fires between them. She saw he was sad, so she cheered him up with some supportive talk and a liquor shot. She wanted him to stay so much that she sucked his fat cock and threw her hairy box onto it! She did such a great job he sprayed all over her wrinkled crotch!

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